Lacquered Floor Maintenance

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Daily Maintenance

Wood is a natural product and it will change in a appearance and colour over time as it matures. Follow these guidelines and maintain the natural beauty of your floor.

Prevent accumulation of grit and abrasive dust which can scratch and dull the lacquered surface. Do this with regular sweeping and vacuuming and by installing barrier mats such as coir matting inside and outside all external door ways.

Protect all furniture with felt pads to avoid any scratching with movement.

Wipe up any spilled liquids and avoid any standing water or liquid as wood will absorb liquid and expand which could effect the stability of the floor. Any stains should be removed while wet with a clean damp cloth.

Avoid use of wax or oil based detergent or any household cleaners. These can be abrasive and damage or dull the surface and can leave a dangerous slippery film.

If using a mop and bucket with soap solution to clean the floor, avoid using too much water insuring the mop almost dry before application.

woods_good_lacquer_soapLacquered Floors – Cleaning with Wood’s Good Lacquer Floor Soap

Vacuum, dry mop or sweep to remove any loose dirt or grit. If you vacuum, use a soft brush attachment. If you dry-mop using the Wood Floor Cleaning Pad. Remember to remove any loose dirt or grit afterwards. Rinse with water and wring out the pad thoroughly before cleaning with Wood Floor Cleaner. Lightly mist a 10×15 cm area of your floor or spray the cleaning pad directly with Wood Floor Cleaner.

Use a slightly dampened, well wrung-out Wood Floor Cleaning Pad, and thoroughly clean the floor surface with your mop. Finish one area before moving on to the next. When your cleaning pad becomes soiled, rinse it with water and wring out thoroughly before you continue cleaning. If the pad becomes excessively soiled, launder and replace it with a clean one to avoid streaking.


Important note

Always keep the amount of water used to clean the floor to a minimum.


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