Natural Oiled Floor Maintenance

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General Maintenance

Prevent accumulation of grit and abrasive dust which can scratch and dull the oiled Do this with regular dry sweeping, vacuuming (with the correct attachment) and by installing barrier mats such as coir matting inside and outside all external door ways.

Protect all furniture with felt pads to avoid any scratching with movement.

Wipe up any spillages and avoid standing water or liquid as wood will absorb liquid and expand which could affect the stability of the floor. Any stains should be removed while wet with a clean damp cloth.

Avoid use of any household cleaners. These can be too abrasive resulting in damage or dulling the surface. It may also leave a dangerous slippery film.

Regular cleaning of oiled surfaces using Wood’s Good Natural Floor Soap 1lt*

Wood’s Good Natural Soap is ideal for real wood floors. It has been specifically designed for the cleaning and maintenance of all known oil systems. Due to its nourishing properties the formula quickly closes the pores of the wood and protects against dirt and penetration of liquids.

Shake carefully before use. 125 ml of Natural Soap is mixed into 5 liters of lukewarm water. It is strongly recommended to work with 2 buckets: one with soap water and one with rinse water. Clean your floor with the minimum quantity of water using a well wrung out mop, leave soap water on floor briefly in order to dissolve dirt. Remove dirty soap water with hard wrung mop or cloth and rinse in bucket with rinse water.

Initial and regular maintenance care with Faxe Maintenance Oil*

Before a new floor is taken into use it is recommended to buff in a maintenance oil, both commercially oiled floors and residentially oiled floors will benefit. The final buffing provides a hard-wearing surface and may take place either by hand or for best results with a machine.

Oiled floors should be maintained regularly, normally once a year, but more often in case of floors exposed to extremely hard ware.



For a deep clean mix 125ml Faxe Intensive Cleaner into 5 liters of lukewarm water. Leave the floor to dry for at least 8 hours, it is essential the floor be completely dry. In case of extreme dirt scrub floor manually using a pad or by machine. Wipe clean with mop or cloth, always wipe a second time ensuring that as little water as possible remains on the surface. Repeat cleaning procedure if necessary.


Always work with two buckets, one with Faxe Intensive Cleaner mixed with water and one with rinse water.


Shake the Maintenance oil container carefully. Apply approx. 100ml oil per 4 m2 with a pad, paint roller or cotton cloth, or use a buffing machine for large areas. It is important that the Maintenance Oil is carefully polished into the wood. Continue polishing until the wood appears saturated and the surface looks uniform.

Final polishing

Wipe the floor with clean, dry cotton oil cloths before proceeding with the next section of floor to be finished. The floor should not appear wet and there should not be any excess oil left on the surface after polishing. Continue in sections until the floor has been completed. With the help of a buffing machine the floor will be pre-hardened after approx. 4 hours at 20°C and may cautiously be taken into use. Manually polished floors may be taken into use after 24 hours. The surface is fully hardened after that time. Do not expose the floor to water during the hardening process.

Important note

Risk of self-ignition: It is extremely important that sanding dust and all oil cloths are soaked in water and disposed of in a tightly closed container after use.


Very dirty floors may be cleaned with Faxe Intensive Cleaner and subsequently with Natural Soap. Particularly difficult stains may be removed with Faxe Spot Remover.

*For more information on Wood’s Good and Faxe maintenance products contact your local V4 distributor.

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